Baumann & Cie – Partners
Baumann & Cie – Partners
Matthias C.E. Preiswerk

«As client of our bank you are a direct beneficiary of our independence: Not only do you know with whom you are dealing with. You will furthermore benefit from the distinct advantage of our flat management structure. Hencefore, decisions are made rapidly and without further ado.

Our employees have a strong sense of individual responsibility. They have the freedom to be creative and are therefore highly motivated. To be counselled and supported by such people offers you considerable advantage – in both financial and non-financial terms.»


Daniel O.A. Rüedi

«We provide services that are precisely tailored to your needs. Taking into account your targets, your situation and your risk parameters, we develop an individual investment strategy together with you. We thouroughly and clearly explain the opportunities and risks surrounding the different investment scenarios and point out alternative strategies.

Our investment policy is focused, easily comprehensible and uncomplicated. Discipline and consistency are our fundamental guiding principles.»


Urs Baumann (not operational)

«Private bank and SMEs – a contradiction in terms? No. Our doors are also open to the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. After all, we ourselves are a small business with 65 employees. We understand what you need from a bank, and specifically, this includes security as a company and security for your assets. We can guarantee both, thanks to our solid capital base and the private liability of the partners, and to the trust of the many satisfied customers who have been with us over the years. But even if you have "normal" assets we would like to extend a personal welcome to you.»

Rolf Bühler

«For a bank of our stature it is of utmost importance to allocate the available resources in order to generate the maximum benefits for our clients.

We are prepared to invest into the future and determined to improve continously. We want our clients to experience the uniqueness of Baumann & Cie – that’s what we stand for.»