Private Clients – Services
Comprehensive support is a sine qua non for us
Private Clients – Services Comprehensive support is a sine qua non for us

You entrust us with a tailor-made asset management mandate. Together we work out the investment strategy that is tailored to your needs. Your personal relationship manager actively monitors and manages your investments on an individual basis.

You take your own investment decisions and would like to have a partner with whom you can discuss all aspects of financial investments. You expect to receive active advice and concrete recommendations. Your personal relationship manager is always your partner with focused opinions, clear investment ideas and all the information you need.

  • Portfolio management
  • Investment advice

You receive an individualised and transparent report on a regular basis.

  • Portfolio statement

Comprehensive pension and financial planning tailored to your needs is an integral part of our competent advisory service. Your tax situation as well as inheritance and succession planning are important discussion topics.

  • Personal pension planning
  • Individual financial planning

We offer you advice on all tax questions and prepare all the tax-relevant documents if necessary. Our range of services is completed by securities and foundation accounting. You can also leave the responsibility for reclaiming tax levied at source in our hands.

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Tax returns
  • Tax statements and record of income
  • Repayment of tax at source
  • Securities and foundation accounting

The questions of inheritance and succession are extremely important in cross-generational financial planning. We support you in drawing up and implementing the solution that is tailored to your needs. A broad network of proven specialists is at hand to support you with advice and assistance.

  • Advice on property law and inheritance law
  • Wills, marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Enforcement of wills
  • Succession planning
  • Establishment and administration of charitable trusts (philanthropy)

We provide you with access to our network of external specialists in all areas. We will be delighted to offer you our support.

  • Real estate
  • Other miscellaneous asset classes